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Areas of Specialization

Nature is a wonderful creation. The plants around us provide us with food, health, and enjoyment each morning anew. In order to attain healthier, stronger plants, there is a need for substrates well-suited to their requirements; enabling them to realize the genetic potential hidden in them. The horticulture industry needs products on the highest level, such that enable an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Magic Agro was established on the basis of long years of all-embracing professional knowledge and experience, in the area of substrates for germination, gardening, and agriculture. The company has set itself the goal of offering its customers the highest added value. The products we provide are produced from the highest quality raw materials, and offered at prices that give the best value for money.

Professional Growing Media:

Magic Substrates

Magic Agro provides professional substrates for sprouting, rooting, and growing with all types of implements, made to order according to each customer's special requirements. Our substrates are specially produced for our customers by Pindstrup, Denmark, a world leader when it comes to quality and diversity of products. The company uses unique high-quality raw materials, under strict quality control, at unusually high final volume. Read more…

Coconut Products:


Magic Agro provides growbags, pellets, coco peat cubes, 5kg bales, fibers, and other coconut products from the best manufacturers in the world, such as Jiffy, Euro Substrates, Tropicuir, and more. 

Read more…


Magic Materials

Magic Agro provides producers and growers with all types of peat: mild peat, block peat, and black peat in all existing section sizes, in a wide variety of packaging and options, and at especially high opening quality and volume. Read more…

Opening and Application Machines: Magic Machine

Green Walls:

Magic Walls

Magic Agro is the sole representative of Apollo from the Netherlands, offering its customers a wide range of machines for the opening of coconut products, growing media, and peat. Read more…

Magic Agro provides the most advanced technology in the area of equipment for construction and maintenance of green walls. Read more…




Magic Agro sees itself through the eyes of its customers, whom it sees as partners in the journey. Therefore, Magic Agro offers its customers the best possible value for their money. 

Magic Agro provides products and materials at quality and prices that enable its customers to grow, and attain the highest achievements in their areas of expertise.

Our customers receive personalized service, as part of our philosophy that we are mutually dependent on each other's success.

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