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Magic Raw materials | Peat Materials

Magic Agro provides producers and growers with all types of peat: black peat, block peat, and mild peat, in all existing segmentations, in a wide range of packaging and options, and especially high quality and opening volume.


Product types:

The type of product is determined according to the mining method, where we distinguish between two types of peat mining:


Mild peat – gathered by pumping thin, dry layers from the surface. This type of peat is fibrous, pourable, and very elastic.


Block peat – gathered by cutting off "slices" (blocks), drying them in the open air, and crumbling them when dry. This results in a hard, somewhat more plastic material. Choosing the method of mining in the field depends on the fibrousness of the raw material, mining costs, and potential of peat in the field.

** Special fraction as request on demand

** Special fraction as request on demand

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