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MagicSubstrates |

Professional Growing Media for Nurseries and Horticulture

Magic Agro provides professional growing media for plant production for nurseries and horticulture with all types of tools, made to order according to the special requirements of each customer. Our substrates are specially manufactured for our customers by Pindstrup from Denmark, a world leader as far as quality and diversity of products are concerned. The company uses unique high-quality raw materials, under strict quality control, at unusually high final volume. 


Comparative advantages:

Gold Fiber: the company has developed a unique product based on a special kind of tree. The fibers possess properties similar to those of coco fiber. The finished product has undergone processes of high pressures and temperatures, thus ensuring it is clean and sterilized, with no need for nitrogen. The addition of 20-50% of this material to growing media enhances its quality, making it suited to the needs of growers in Israel.

Mixing systems: each cubic meter is mixed separately in the system, with a unique mixing method, thus ensuring maximum uniformity of the finished product.

Private products: professional customers receive products that conform to special requirements, at no extra charge.

High-quality raw materials: raw materials on a high level, with unique particle distribution.

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