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The modern world is getting more and more crowded. As the price of land in city centers and commercial areas rises, green spaces diminish. Most people spend a considerable part of their workdays in closed office spaces, surrounded by walls and furniture.

Bringing nature into office buildings and workplaces, as well as external walls in crowded city centers, is a professional and technical challenge, and improves the quality of life and health of millions of people throughout the modern world.

We at Agro Magic have taken this task upon ourselves, with the mission of spreading green walls in Israel – in and outside of homes, in office buildings, workplaces, public institutions, shopping and recreation centers, and of course private homes as well.

Why green walls:

Green walls affect our lives in an active, positive way – in the atmosphere they project, and in their ability to create a microclimate in their surroundings.

Green walls reduce the amounts of dust and tiny particles in the air, and enrich it with oxygen, thus preventing disease and protecting public health.

Green walls constitute an element that insulates from heat during the day and from cold at night, thus enabling considerable savings in energy. In additions, green walls considerably improve acoustics within the spaces they are installed in.


Files to Download:

Magic Agro imports to Israel the technology of Culilane (a Saint-Gobain subsidiary) from the Netherlands, a world leader in green wall technology, thus providing a perfect solution ensuring the vegetation a high-level habitat in the long term.

We supply a modular growing system constructed from individual units (panels) that enable installation in different dimensions on any wall, and even on individual pillars of a structure.

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