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Nature is a wonderful creation. The plants around us provide us with food, health, and enjoyment each morning anew. In order to attain healthier, stronger plants, there is a need for substrates well-suited to their requirements; one that enables them to realize the genetic potential hidden in them. The horticulture industry needs products on the highest level, such that enable an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Magic Agro was established on the basis of long years of all-embracing professional knowledge and experience, in the area of substrates for propagation, gardening, and agriculture. The company has set itself the goal of offering its customers the highest added value. The products we provide are produced from the highest quality raw materials, and offered at prices that give the best value for money.

Einat Bozer

Einat is an Accredited Tax Advisor (ATA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), insurance agent, and economic business consultant and with many years of experience.

Einat is the director of a large office under her ownership, providing services to hundreds of 

Ilan Bozer

Ilan holds an MA in Political Science from Tel-Aviv University, and is certified in Coaching (EMCI) by the Technion in Haifa. Over the years, Ilan has held many senior positions in several companies, and has established industrial plants in Israel and abroad. He has a great deal of experience in growing media, and in the organic raw materials industry; a dynamic marketing person with long-term strategic vision.


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