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Coco fiber has been used as growing media in propagation and agriculture throughout the world since the 1990s, and has become very popular in recent years. The various products are made from different parts of the husk, enabling the manufacture of a wide range of products at a variety of screening levels and particle sizes, corresponding to the required uses.

Magic Agro provides growbags, pellets, coco peat cubes, 5Kg bales, fibers, rugs, and 


What is coconut? From a professional article:

Coconut trees are common in about 80 different countries around the equator, bearing fruit in continuous 50-60-day cycles all year round. Each tree bears up to 80 fruits a year, depending on climate and growing conditions. In the growing areas, the tree and the nut have a wide range of uses. Some uses are for basic domestic needs of the local population such as food and beverage, or as combustion material; others are commercial such as raw materials for furniture, the cosmetics industry, oils or agriculture. 


Our products:


Jiffy 7C  

5 Kg bales

Coco fibers    

Husk chips 

we provide growing sleeves for vegetables, flowers, strawberries, and other crops, in various sizes, according to the needs of the crop and different raw material compositions.

planting pellets in various sizes and diameters; available in bulk (in boxes) or arranged on trays.

supplied on pallets or in bulk, in different material compositions and degrees of salinity; we promise high-quality raw materials, with a high opening volume per ton.

supplied in various sizes, or woven as mats with different degrees of natural rubber (latex);

coconut chips of various sizes;

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